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As wedding planners in Barcelona, we know that for most couples, planning a wedding in Barcelona comes with many big decisions, especially those that are budget related, like How much should we spend? Who should we invite? What are we going to wear? But there is one free decision: should we have a first look?

When couples have a “first look,” it means they set aside time to see each other before their wedding ceremony. Couples may choose to privately recite their vows to each other, exchange gifts, take photos, or all of the above. One of the most common reflections couples have about their first look was that it helped ease the nerves that come with the wedding day. Spend some time reflecting on how you’ll likely feel during this time. Are you someone who gets nervous in front of crowds? Does your partner provide the perfect amount of calmness to your excitement? A first look might be for you.

In this post we share the “first look” of Eli & Paco at Masia Rosàs in Barcelona. Our couple was clear that they should be on their own before the ceremony to share that first glance, have a moment of complicity together and give rise to their wedding with that unique and special moment to the rest.

PHOTO: Kiss & Chips, VENUE: Masia Rosas, WEDDING PLANNER: Stress & Success